About Us

American Collegiate Acquisitions initiates, structures and negotiates acquisitions and mergers along with raising equity and debt in the private capital markets within the higher education space. The company integrates best practices in restructuring colleges to enhance academic integrity and profitability.


American Collegiate Acquisitions, Inc. (ACA) is a company whose core mission is to seek and acquire underperforming colleges and then restructure their academic, administrative, and financial operations to create stable and financially healthy institutions of higher education. ACA utilizes aggressive and compliant turn-around strategies to create financially attractive business models that provide positive returns on investment. ACA is working in coordination with Stifel Investment Banking with respect to acquisition opportunities and raising capital from strategic and institutional investors.

Founded in 2015 under the experienced guidance of business entrepreneur and higher educational expert, Dr. John J. McGrath, ACA is highly focused on opening and securing accreditation for new college branch campuses and extension centers in high demand target market locations. ACA’s executives have a proven record with respect to successfully developing new undergraduate and graduate degree programs, especially in professions with high employment opportunities.

ACA’s executive management team includes former college Chief Executive Officers and Presidents that have extensive experience in the academic, administrative and financial operations of undergraduate and graduate institutions of higher education. ACA senior executives also include a Chief Financial Officer who participated in taking a higher educational company public on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange and a General Counsel who is a very experienced corporate attorney.

The executive management team has the academic knowledge, business acumen and proven records of leadership to successfully operate colleges. The senior executives at American Collegiate Acquisitions are highly experienced in Admissions, Marketing, Financial Aid, Academic Advising, Registrar, Bursar, Retention, Learning Centers, Libraries and other collegiate operations. The company seeks to compliantly secure new students and retain continuing students, all while maintaining the highest standards of academic integrity.

American Collegiate Acquisitions, Inc. is currently in the process of raising new capital from strategic and institutional investors and conducting due diligence with respect to acquiring prospective colleges with academic, administrative, and financial challenges.

For more information, contact Dr. John J. McGrath.


The Executive Management Team, along with outside attorneys and senior consultants, are expert turnaround and restructuring specialists in higher education.


ACA specializes in driving profit by increasing revenue through increasing in enrollment. We also create new undergraduate and graduate degree programs and establish external branch campuses and extension centers.


ACA reduces expenses by compliantly and cost effectively restructuring the academic, administrative and financial operations of under-performing colleges.