Dr. John J. McGrath

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Dr. John J. McGrath

Chairman, CEO and President of a American Collegiate Acquisitions, Inc. (ACA)

The mission of ACA is to acquire underperforming proprietary colleges and then restructure the academic, administrative and financial operations to create financially healthy institutions of higher education.

  • Dr. McGrath’s experience includes successfully working with investment bankers, private equity firms and other institutional and strategic investors.
  • John’s business acumen, combined with his extensive higher education leadership experience, has provided investors with an attractive return on their investments.
  • He co-founded and ran a higher education company that went public on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange.
  • Dr. McGrath has collectively raised over $120 million from public and private investors.
  • He is very experienced with financial modeling and proper resource allocation with financial controls.
  • Dr. McGrath has been the Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, President, Assistant Vice President, Campus Dean, Department Chair and Professor at multiple colleges and universities.
  • John opened and supervised more fully accredited college Extension Centers than any other college administrator in New York State.
  • As a successful entrepreneur, he also has initiated new fully accredited degree programs.
  • Dr. McGrath secured final Middle States regional accreditation for a college in New York City and raised enrollment for it to become the second largest two-year proprietary institution in New York.

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EVCI’s NASDAQ Pyramid Plaque

EVCI NASDAQ Pyramid Plaque



EVCI’s $10M in Raised Capital



Dr. McGrath not only brings the intelligence of a critical thinker but the zeal and enthusiasm of a consummate educator and business thinker to his work. He is an academic with real business acuity. There are not many individuals who can perform a penetrating analysis of a Supreme Court decision at a faculty symposium in the morning and then run off to a Board of Directors meeting to present an in-depth financial analysis of its balance sheet and income statement and then conclude with a legal analysis of college regulatory compliance that same afternoon.

Philip M. Getter

Chairman of the TCI College Board of Directors and the Investment Banker that took EVCI public on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange.

Dr. John J. McGrath is an academic entrepreneur with ingenious business acuity. He is widely recognized as a creative business executive positively changing the landscape of higher education.

Dr. Jay Sexter

Former CEO of the Osteopathic Medical School at Touro College.